Sunday, January 27, 2008

Give Me Hope

There are many, many people in the world who are challenged with some sort of condition or need:

and so forth...

They want hope. They NEED hope. And, most of them are desperately seeking someone - ANYONE - to give them hope. Perhaps, you've said it yourself: "Please, give me hope!" Anything to hinge a dream on... anything to believe in again... anything to INSPIRE YOU to do what you know you must do.

Well, if there is any reason I write on this blog, offering you HOPE is one of the biggest reasons.

You might be thinking "Give me hope," and if you are, you realize that you may be facing a challenge. I've seen many challenges in my own journey. But, there is ALWAYS hope.

Think about anyone who ever did any thing great... did they struggle?

I'd wager almost everyone who does great things has struggled. Imagine, the struggle Franklin D. Roosevelt must have faced in opening the first center for Polio recovery. Polio, such a debilitating disease to pull the legs out from so many people - and so unexpectedly - struck the country throughout the early 20th century. Franklin Cook, my best friend as a boy, had a father who walked with crutches as a result of polio. I admired him for his strength in going on, for keeping a state of mind beyond "victim" and towards achiever. It wasn't easy.

How many of you struggle with something that causes you pain?

I used to experience back pain every day. One day, I started to say to myself "My back is strong and supports me." Now, this was not true at that time. At that time, my back hurt and caused me pain to the point of ingesting 4 - 8 ibuprofen a day. The pain didn't go away overnight. But, once I started to say this, I also decided to stop taking ibuprofen only when the pain was too much to deal with. Today, I maybe take 1 of those pills a week. I can't say I "never" experience any back pain, but, this is no longer a life-stopping problem. I'm no longer in unbearable pain and function much like most other adults my age. You see, I believed I could heal my back by changing my beliefs.

Now, it isn't always this easy, but it often truly is this simple: believe you can do it, and you can.

I wonder how many people said that blacks would never vote in America. I wonder how many people said that women will never be able to run a company because they give birth to children. I wonder how many people said "you can't do that" or "I'll believe it when I see it" to their children who were trying to launch a company?

If you're seeking hope in something, know that there is a force in the Universe that supports you. It is the universal strength of this conscious, spiritual energy that runs through all things. Some people call this force "God" others "Spirit" others "nature". If there is anything I know about God or Spirit I know this: that this energy is available for EVERYONE to tap into, grab hold of, and harness.

Once we grab hold of a belief and say "I stand for this," it becomes easier and easier to manifest that which we strive to attain. Believe it and you will see it. You see, it is opposite of skeptical wisdom, and running in the face of that as you believe you attract others who believe. Your passion will eventually be the force that taps into the spirit that attracts others to say, "YES" I believe.

People may doubt you. What you seek may even be impossible (with current technology). But, that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. I think about Christopher Reeve, a modern superman. You know, Chris was trying to make a difference. He was trying to help people who were paralyzed. And, he inspired so very many people. He died before he could realize his dream. Others have been more fortunate. Thomas Edison tried 10,000 filaments before finding the one that could sustain light in a bulb. He lived to see his dream light up the world.

I love what Dana Reeve said to Christopher after his tragic accident that left him paralyzed: "You're still you. And I love you." While both Dana and Christopher Reeve are now passed, I wonder how much Christopher realized he did for people with spinal column injuries? Both of these two powerful people made a big difference.

Will you live to see your light shine in the world? Whatever that dream may be, I encourage you. I don't encourage you to be stupid, or to be foolish in your endeavor. I encourage you to be real. I encourage you to listen to your spirit, and trust in your own dreams. Stand up and be counted for your dream. It is yours. The only person who can change your dreams is you.

"Give me hope." You have hope. There is a way. You will find it. Do what you must do. Be true to you! Let your love be shone to others. Please, for everyone who matters to you - and even those who you may not yet realize it - do what you must do.

What will you do with the opportunity?

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