Monday, January 7, 2008

Do You Long For It?

Aspiration is often about reaching for something on the next level. I've been writing about finding your purpose and going after that purpose with all you've got for about 8 years now.

If there is one thing I've learned in all that time, it is this:

The people who succeed the most in life are those who believe in what they are doing so much that nothing anyone can say can stop them from doing it. They are the people who will persevere in spite of all odds. When I think of my heroes and people who persevered in the face of danger, ridicule, failure, and loss to overcome many or all odds to succeed: almost all of these people WANTED IT SO BAD THEY LONGED FOR IT.

I just finished watching a movie called, "The World's Fastest Indian." I love this movie. Why? Well, I won't spoil it for you, but the star of the movie is the old geezer from New Zealand who, in the 1960's wanted to chase the land speed record on his motorcycle. The thing that made this guy great is his ingenuity. He understood the way mechanical things work. My Dad is a guy like that. Do you know your strengths? Are you able to pursue your dreams that relate to those strengths? If you do, and are not doing anything about it, what are you waiting for?

If you need permission, consider this article as an opportunity to get it. Just make sure you have taken the time to discover your purpose.

So, I'll ask you:

"Do you want it so bad you long for it?"

Chances are, if you do, it is probably something you truly need to do.
Think of people who faced danger, ridicule, failure, loss, and incredible odds to live their dream:

Amelia Earhardt - First woman to fly a solo flight across the Atlantic.

John Lennon - Became the biggest Rock 'n Roll star and later anti-war activist of all time.

Winston Churchhill - Stood up to the Nazis and persevered through the very ugly WWII.

Thomas Edison - Inventor of the light bulb. Also invented my favorite: the phonograph.

Margaret Sanger - Helped advocate "the pill" to help women control when they have babies.

Steve Jobs - Created Apple Computer, got booted for screw-ups, then came back and rode new highs with NeXT, Pixar, and Apple again with iPOD music players, and iPhones.

Richard Branson - Founded The Virgin Group, a collective of companies he dreamed up which faced impossible odds or people who said "you can't do that" and did it anyway.

Oprah Winfrey - Created the Oprah Show, O Magazine, and inspired multiple generations of people to do more, be more, and live their dreams.

Who are your heroes?

Do you want to break a world record? Create a new invention? Design new software? Create a new company? Offer a new service? Building something new? Have the most love for your family? Discover a vaccine? Protest a war? Start a revolution? Make a difference?

What do you want to accomplish? How great can you envision it to be?

Do you want it so bad you long for it?

I encourage you to find something you LONG for. Something you'd practically die for. Something you'd give all you have to make it successful. And go do it. Give it all you've got. And make the process fun, exciting, and passionate. After all, your own LIFE PURPOSE is the best movie you can ever see.

Enjoy it!

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