Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dig Pharoah Sanders

It's rare that I post an article at the A-Blog that isn't obviously related to Self-Help. But, sometimes, the best self-help either comes from, or IS - MUSIC. It's certainly the most fun self-help, besides perhaps dancing, right? Hey-Tony Robbins has you dancing the whole time through his seminars. Wonder why? Because it's the best self-help! Music and dancing!

Here's the WORD:

I just hit this up this morning and was blown away by the incredible control, subharmonic and standard beefy tonal blowing, and overall quality of the playing on the latest Pharoah Sanders' stuff... as most of you know, Pharoah Sanders is a legend on the sax, but I hadn't dialed into him in a while and decided to see what he's up to - what an incredibly inspiring blessing!

Please don't just gloss over this...it's more substantial than any jazz I've heard all year.

It's all right there on his website. Just key it up, turn up the speaker volume, and enjoy a cup of coffee over a few of the tunes there...

I was moved to tears on the finale of the live number. Amazing.


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Anonymous said...


So glad to see this article on leading our lives from our soul's guidance rather than our ego's needs.

You forgot to mention that we will be discussing this topic, wed. Feb 6 on the Talk Shoe Aspire Now show:


6 p.m. PT.

All you yearn for true fulfillment and success from the inside out should call in and talk with us!

Dr. Michelle
The Soul Coach

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