Monday, April 19, 2010

What Is Your Favorite Mantra?

John Assaraf, one of the authors and business leaders from the astonishingly popular movie, The Secret, recent asked "What is your favorite mantra?" on his Facebook wall.

I thought it was a valid question. My favorite mantra is "My higher self loves this."


Because, you see, if your higher self is not in alignment with the thing you look at or talk about when you say "My higher self loves this" you will be moved to CHANGE or REMOVE IT. Whatever you discuss, if you are not in alignment, you cannot say that for long. And, you most certainly cannot look yourself in the eye and say it repeatedly, day in and day out.

Usually, you will notice exactly how your body feels when you say "My higher self loves this."

If your body feels pain, or any discomfort, you may have an issue with that topic.

Now, on the other hand, if your higher self truly DOES love what you describe, look at, or discuss, then you will resonate happiness. I recently put every thing I am doing with my time through a "my higher self loves this" test. Fortunately, I only needed to make one major change (my band). But, I acted, and now everything is aligned in a healthy way.

Try using "my higher self loves this" with the activities, people, and items surrounding you. See if you gain clarity in focus, purpose, and love through this mantra.

What is YOUR favorite mantra? Please comment and share!

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