Saturday, April 3, 2010

Want To Grow Your List?

Are you trying to reach others to promote an idea or product? Perhaps you're trying to bring more love into the world. Or, maybe you have a cure for yeast infections. Or, perhaps you just wrote a new book on how to do something. Maybe you're launching a speaking career. Or, you have a new invention you want to get the word out. More products? More services?

Whatever your situation, you're going to need a LIST.

Without a list, who can hear you? And, as you know, it can be TIME CONSUMING to build a list. Is it easy? Not really. However, I have a "Big Secret" idea I think might help you build your list:

Help Each Other Build A List!

Let's help each other build our list! Growing a List is Infinitely Easier If You Work Together!

It's that simple. Help me, and I'll help you. I've created a new site called "List Builders" with each member interested in helping each other build our lists!

If you're interested in joining this "invitation only" group, please let me know. You can email me at and just mention "List builders" - or visit to learn more. Requirements: At least 500 people on your list. That's it. Hopefully you have many more, but as you grow, others will grow, and we all benefit.

Again, visit to join today.

Oh - one more thing, when you enter to join the list, don't forget to share a secret to list building with us - let's help build a resource of secret strategies to help each other!

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