Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take AspireNow's FB Breast Cancer Challenge

This past week, women all around the world, through the social network, Facebook, amused us men and surprised the world by sharing in their "status update" the color of their bra, in honor of people who've been affected by breast cancer.

The story made "Good Morning America" and other news shows as "women making a difference" and the "power of Facebook" and "social networks. Kudos, women!

In honor of this concept, I'd like to suggest we pick it up a notch, and post the color of bra you're wearing, or the color of the last bra you touched - so for every woman AND man to write a check for $10 to your local charter of American Cancer Society. In the remark or memo field on your check, write "AspireNow FB Bra (color) Cancer Challenge" and let's REALLY make a difference.

If every person who listed their color this last week, and every man who joked about it, sent a check for $10 to your local ACS, we might raise well over $1 Million Dollars to help find a cure and ease the pain and suffering of so many people.

Just do a local search in Google or your browser by typing your local city or county and "American Cancer Society" - ACS offices are everywhere.

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