Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Manifest Your Dream In Eight Words

Do you remember the television show called "Name that tune?" I used to love watching it and trying to guess the song in even fewer notes than the contestants could guess!

Well, this article is kind of like that show, but I'm calling it "Manifest Your Dream In Eight Words." This is the shortest article I'll ever write on MANIFESTING your DREAMS. In fact, I can say all that really needs to be said about manifesting in just eight words!

How to Manifest Any Dream In EIGHT words:

Focus and Act Only Upon What You Want

There. That's it. It's all you need to know. Just go do that, do only that, and do it to the best of your ability. You will manifest many more dreams following the advice of these eight words than any other words I could give you.

It is almost like Nike's saying: "Just do it" except this is more specific - exactly what you want the most, there is where you must focus. Only upon what you want is how and where you must act. Now, go focus and act accordingly!!

Happy manifesting!

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Joyce Schwarz said...

PERFECT compliment to what I call 'power words' in The Vision Board book -- this is great advice an a vital key to visioning and co-creating your best possible life!

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Hi Joyce,

Glad you like it!


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