Monday, September 7, 2009

AspireNow: Chosen for Top 100 Inspiration Sites on The Daily Reviewer

AspireNow continues to get noticed online and in the press for website achievements.

Today, I received an email from Angelina Mizaki, who is a part of the selection committee for The Daily Reviewer, to notify me that AspireNow was chosen as a "Top 100 Inspirational Blogs" by their team.

It is nice to receive accolades! I thought I'd share the good news with all of you, my readers, as I'm a big believer in sharing good news.

Also, I'm curious to see if you have any ideas for how we can make the blog or better for you? As always, you're welcome to provide me public or private feedback (if you feel discretion is warranted).

I'm always striving to improve AspireNow. In fact, I'm going to be making some significant changes to the website and blog in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

Scott Andrews, Founder

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