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How To Become More Psychic

Are you psychic? I once heard a psychic tell me, "We are all psychics. The only question is how open we are to that internal nature."

Perhaps. If spirit is this conscious energy that runs through all things, then we truly all ought to be psychic. So, if that is the case, in order to become more psychic and activate our 3rd eye, we must then remove the blocks and learn how to "attune" ourselves to this energy force available to us.

How To Know Your 3rd Eye Isn't Activated?
There are several ways to know your third eye (3rd eye or 6th chakra) is not yet full activated. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do fears and anxieties consume you, or can you release negative thoughts easily?
2. Do you get stuck in fantasy land? Or can you balance fantasy with reality?
3. Are you scared of "Deja Vu" moments? Or can you trust your intuition and insights?
4. Has your ego run amok? Are you overly timid? Or are you able to give yourself credit, and balance pride and ego fairly easily?
5. Do you often feel lonely? Or depressed? Or do you feel empowered and easily overcome adversity?

If you get stuck answering more the front part of each question, you're not really fully engaged with your third eye. If you find yourself gravitating towards saying yes to the latter questions in 1-5 (above), you're pretty much hitting on cylinders of the chakra.
This chart helps understand the colors and conditions for each chakra:
If you look at the 6th chakra, or indigo (3rd eye), you'll notice words around intuition, psychic, enlightenment, and so forth. For conditions, you'll notice nightmares, headaches, migraines, blurred vision, anxiety, paranoia, and things like that. What this means is that if you're suffering from these conditions, it may be a symptom of "dis-ease" with your third eye.
By developing more comfort with your natural third-eye rythym, you're more apt to reduce these symptoms.
Activating the third eye:

In order to activate the third eye, you first must know WHY you want to activate it and WHAT you want to do with that. My suggestion, if you don't know, is to suggest WHY: to become an enlightened, complete, spiritually whole, completely loving being. That, to me, is the most noble and spiritually aware meaning of focusing on 6th chakra or 3rd eye meditation and psychic awareness. Please do not misuse for ill-conceived intent. Remember, karma matters! As for WHAT? I'd suggest focusing on ways to bring more love into the world, through your life. That will be the most powerful way to utilize this energy frequency. Beyond that, WISDOM. When you ask for wisdom, you will be given it. It comes slowly, over time...

What is the chakra? A Chakra is the natural energy that flows throughout your spiritual being, as it connects you within this physical world. It functions not as much in linear fashion, as often depicted in yoga charts, but in a more circular wheel in a general area, as described here:

Now, in order to understand how the third eye activates, you must understand the system of the chakras in your natural physical energy. Some good explanations for this may be found at:

The chakra chart of color:

This is actually a really incredible poster that you can purchase (no affiliate, just my sharing because I truly love it!):

The chakra chart of sound:

Being a musician, I'm also interested
in ways to activate the third eye through tonal and atonal qualities. You can go between the crown energy and third eye by vacillating between notes, such as playing between A-B. If you wish to open this area, you must play A and B scales (popular for guitar players). A is probably the most popular key for guitar players, perhaps for this reason, or the fact that guitars are usually strung where A is easy to play. Or, sometimes, Bb (a terrific saxophone key, as the saxophone is closed on the Bb scale for tenor sax this is the key of C, as the horn is a Bb instrument), is interesting, because then you're in the space between the crown and 6th chakra. I love experimenting with sounds. But, the true 3rd eye tone is, in fact, the pure note "A" and will be reflecting that energy.

A really cool site to play with the way sounds work and see them VISUALLY as they are played, is here: I also love the way this site describes chakra energy:

"A chakra is a center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. The word Chakra is sanskrit for wheel or disc and signifies one of the seven energy centers of the body. We record every thought and feeling in one of our seven chakras and they become lodged there until they are released. As we evolve and live our lives it is important for us to give up old ideas to move forward and grow. Each of the seven musical notes and seven colors corresponding to the chakras have emotional and physical issues attached to them. It is the quest of Sound Essence to give the information and the tools needed to allow the song of your soul to be heard."

More and more, people are discovering that sound can be used to open parts of our chakra and even heal our physical body:

Now, if you get really geeked up on this, get a crystal tones, frosted bowl. I LOVE my frosted bowl, and play it to create energy often... friends come over and play it - they are drawn to the sound from it. Kids love it, too!

The third eye is also known as the 6th chakra. Considering this, you have three ways to drive at this part of your spirit, from the meditation practices I've learned:

1. Channel from the root up. Start with your 1st chakra, and work your way up your body. A good meditation for this is to think each color of the chakra spectrum. Another way to do this is to play sounds up the scale of a piano or instrument. I enjoy doing this with my saxophone, as it also involves breathing. If you can imagine the color while you play each note, this is even more powerful. One you play the 6th note, you picture indigo.

2. Channel from the top down. If you start with bright which light, blending into purple, gold, and pink all around you, you will drill down from above your 6th chakra until you settle into the 3rd eye, which is the color indigo. Once you are there you will feel certain vibrations. As I just focused upon indigo my whole body shook with a powerful chill. That is your chakra energy clearing and activating.

3. Channel from the world around you in. Focus on various objects. Close your eyes. Pay attention to the fast flashes hitting your eyes. Slow them down. Breath with open throat deeply for 10 seconds in, 16 seconds out. You may also breathe out shorter while saying "Aum" which will connect you with your spiritual self. Once your eyes are quiet, picture yourself going on a journey. See that journey. Then picture yourself shielded. Ask your guardian to protect you with white and golden light. Then ask for what you want to see. Sometimes you will gain access to your third eye this way. Then focus on indigo.


There are thousands of possible meditations to achieve various states of being. One that is focused on the third eye, or 6th chakra, is this one:

Practice of Purusa Dhyan Meditation
Sit upright in a chair, or in a comfortable cross-legged posture on a sofa or on a cushion on the floor. Close your eyes, and focus your attention at the point between your eyebrows.

Place your attention on the following points for three to five minutes each, monitor your experience at each level, then shift your focus of attention to the next level:
  • Sense of sitting in the present time
  • Awareness of sensations arising from the environment in the present time
  • Awareness of sensations arising in the body in the present time
  • Awareness of emotions arising in the present time
  • Awareness of thoughts arising in the present time
  • Awareness of I AM statements arising in the present time, with associated thoughts, feelings, and memories
  • Awareness of memories and impressions bubbling up from the Subconscious
  • Awareness of the present time being recorded in memory
Focus your attention in turn on each chakra of the Subconscious mind in the spinal tube base of spine behind the navel behind the solar plexus behind the heart, at the place where the neck meets the shoulders at the base of the skull at the point where the nose meets the forehead

Move behind the point between the eyebrows towards the top of your head. You will encounter a presence behind this center that silently observes. Focus more intently on this presence. You will begin to see light emanating from this presence.
Affirm quietly, "the self, the size of a thumb, is seated behind the two eyes. It is self-effulgent light. It is consciousness itself. I am this consciousness."
This is the attentional principle. This is your third eye, which allows you to see within when your two eyes are closed. Remain in this state for as long as you wish. Then, when you are ready to return, retrace your steps through each focal point until you are fully grounded in your normal waking awareness.
Practice this meditation until you can go at will to each focal point and unite with the attentional principle easily.

There's a really good set of meditations at OSHO, too.

Issues to Review:

Your third eye is your Indigo Brow chakra power. The Indigo chakra is your intelligence center for your true intuition. It is the wisdom center. It is the center that taps into the universal consciousness that flows through everything. Your psychic potential may be best developed through accessing the third eye.

Ways to maximize this access include:
  • Star gazing.
  • Eye rolls.
  • Meditation
  • Developing one's intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Eat indigo foods and consume indigo drinks.
  • Use aromatherapy oils such as Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh.
  • Music such as Mozart or Bach. Chanting (OM or AUM).
  • Wear or carry an indigo gemstone or silver jewelry.
  • Indigo stones are Amethyst, Tourmaline, Tanzanite.
  • Bathe in the indigo color in your clothing, decor, art, etc.

I found that stating out loud "I am divine love" while breathing, then while breathing out then saying it again, seems to increase your aura around you by 10 feet. A great way to integrate love and compassion with new power.

Another mantra I've been playing with lately is saying "I am divine wisdom" after focusing on the chakra chart colors and working my way down, then back up the chakra spine. Once I am in the indigo circle, I whisper, "I am divine wisdom" and breathing in and out, say it louder each time. Then I focus on what visions come to me. This is also powerful before a brain-storming session for work. I used it today, and the person who received my ideas wrote me back: "I love your ideas... I'll need time to figure out how to implement them!" Clearly, it helps to get focused before you brainstorm!

I like the song by "The Who" called "I can see for miles and miles" this song typifies the mantra of the third eye. I can see for miles, and miles is a very empowering mantra to say after activating your third eye.

Try utilizing your sixth chakra and opening your third eye - especially if you wish to overcome challenges illuminated in the questions above. And, please, comment on what works well for you!

This article is written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. Note: this article provided for entertainment purposes. If you're suffering from medical conditions, we suggest you seek professional medical care from a licensed physician.

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Coskun Erdem said...

I was reading your blog about the chakra and activating your 3rd eye. I didn't completely read your blog because I was lead to a link from your writings which was to the Sound Essence page where it plays different tones to a particular chakra activation. So I began to play the 6th chakra note and began to meditate. By the way, this is the first time I have ever meditated. After about 2-4 mins my body began to start swaying from side to side, back to forth, it was an experience like no other, I could control it and stop it if I wanted to but I let it take its course. I then continued to read the rest of the blog and you just mentioned that you felt a vibration and your body shook!. This was an Aw moment for me, that I experienced something, before I read it, which only in my mind makes the teachings of Chakra and meditation and the effects of it real. Anyway, I thought i'd share my little experience with you. All the best.

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