Monday, March 1, 2010

How Focused Are You

I recently asked my self this question, "How FOCUSED am I?" I have one task in front of me. I have a to-do list about 100 items long. But, in all of that to-do list, there really are only about two or three that directly related to completing the most important task in front of me.

Q: What makes great people great?
A: They do what they must to win.

Recently, I let myself get distracted. I discovered an additional way to market my product. Or, I discovered a new system for self improvement. There's always something. I may have let myself get excited about promoting the band. Or any myriad other things.

Still, there is that one thing in front of me. Today, I vow to complete this one thing. As I know, completing this project is a cornerstone for much of my future success.

Can you relate?

If there is one thing holding us back, it is often when we fail to focus on what if most important, right now. So, if you're feeling the same - maybe even overwhelmed - it is likely because you're simply trying to do too much at once.

Instead, let's do this together: let's focus ONLY on what we MUST get done right now. Imagine how good it will feel to have this completed! Also, how relieved we will be to rid the anxiety of procrastination.

"There is one thing right now that we must do in order to succeed. That is the only thing we ought to do - everything else must be cleared from our path!" ~ Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow

We empower ourselves to greatness when we complete the tasks most important and cease allowing distractions to block our way. I believe people become great when they dream large, put together a plan, then work their plan. Today, this article is about working our plan. It is the nitty gritty that will leave us at the end of the day looking back at a job well-done.

You can imagine, when a great warrior faced a terrible foe, he knew his army would suffer incredible losses. However, his focused efforts dictate where and how he knows he can win, and at the end of the day, despite the losses, can look back and say "yes, we won, because we did what we had to do when it mattered most." A good general marshalls forces to the best of his ability and then encourages his soldiers to feats of bravery and courage.

When we watch the Olympics, we see one athelete succeed and another fail. In fact, one American, Ohno, won Gold when his competitor tripped during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics' speed skating. One man fell, the other won the Gold medal. You must put yourself in the best position to win possible. The front-runner may fall, or you may gain a burst of energy.

How focused are you? I know what I must do. I encourage you to join me and do what you must do, now, too. The other things will wait. But this one thing must be done today.

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fi3ryd3ath said...

That makes sense to me. The days of multi-tasking seem to be over although I haven't completely given up on trying. Do one thing well and then go to the next. What a concept.

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