Monday, July 6, 2009

Life In The Craziest Places

Have you ever found life in a place that surrounds you?

As I write this question, I remember this photo my brother took in the California desert, where he illustrated this one yellow flower, shooting up from the desert floor, somehow finding a unique and barren position to proudly spring forth a lovely bloom of yellowish white petals. No other flowers competed for attention. This one flower not only survived, but apparently flourished in such an odd place!

Well, last week, I noticed the swallows seeking out the eaves and rafters (in lieu of trees) for their nests. They build nests in the same places annually. My condo resides right where they like to lay their eggs to hatch in the nests. They make nests out of sticks, leaves, dirt, and water (they make a mud-pack using the water from the pool). For a look at what their nest is like, check out this video:

Pretty funny, huh?

Anyway, I encourage you to seek out life and interact with it. I talk to my swallows every day when I come and go. Every part of life is there for us to enjoy, if we merely take the time. It is a valuable aspect of "life purpose" to interact with other creatures in nature. Enjoy!

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