Thursday, April 9, 2009

Overcoming A Bump In The Road

For people aspiring to live their life on purpose, we often reach the mountain-tops and live life large, full of gusto, supreme satisfaction, and happiness.

However, even those living an "empowered" life occasionally hit bumps in the road.

People who are "experts" on relationships break-up with their partner. People known as the richest people file bankruptcy when business takes a bad turn. The healthiest fitness coach slows down after a heart attack. Case in point: Barbara De Angelis went through a divorce. Paul Sterling and Kristen Denton, fellow relationship coaches went through a break-up this past year. Heck, I went through one, myself, last year, with my own girlfriend. Donald Trump once filed bankruptcy. In fact, many members of congress have filed bankruptcy. Think about it - if you fail at a campaign, how do you pay back the debts? It is a challenge many politicians face. And, I'll never forget the story of how Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France AFTER his testicular cancer diagnosis.

Things like this happen to people. It's part of life. The amazing Lance Armstrong (pictured above, courtesy Wikipedia) is currently in the middle of a comeback to win the 2009 Tour de France and raise awareness for cancer. If he wins, it will be his 8th victory in that bicycle race.

When life seems to deal us a bump in the road the biggest question isn't whether we're affected by it, but rather how we adjust and grow in spite of the challenge.

If you're currently in a bump situation, remember that you can handle it. You're strong. You're here for a good reason! Go back to what makes you happy, what makes you feel fulfilled, what makes you feel you've added the most value to the world or to others. Embrace that purpose and do it better than ever.

Remember: when we focus on our strongest purpose we're always able to weather the bumps in the road.

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ryanbiddulph said...

Obstacles are only stepping stones. They are placed in front of a person so that they may be stepped over once they have taken a valuable lesson from them.

Every single person has to deal with obstacles so they can reveal their true self to themselves. As long as we are in human form we will never be immune from these bumps in the road.

Thanks for sharing your insight.


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